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Someone-Somewhere is  a High End Boutique Agency specialising in part time companions for the business man on the move. These are ladies who are only available on an 'extra curricular basis'. The ladies presented on Some1 are either models, artists or professional career girls who simply choose to do this for 'fun'.

Our portfolio has a wide variety of ladies, from the quintessential English rose to the sun kissed Australian babe. Most to the lades you will meet from Some1 are EXCLUSIVE and of British origin, but what ever their nationality, they are all intelligent, independent ladies who have real goals and aspirations.

If you don't find what you are looking for on our portfolio, please keep in mind that Some1 offers 'off the menu' ladies who will ONLY meet with our most cherished regular clients, you know who you are! Some1 offers the highest level of personalised service for booking a beautiful and charming companion:

'I value long term relationships with my clients, so it is to my interest to be as honest, accurate and discreet, so that I continue to provide the best possible service!'


Discreet, Honest and Efficient, booking with Someone-Somewhere could never be more pleasurable! So remember, when you're somewhere and you want to be with someone, get in touch with Vanessa!


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Under The Skin

Posted on 2014-03-24 17:40:12
Amanda and I went to see Under The Skin, starring the gorgeous Scarlett Johansson. Based on the Michael Faber novel, itís a sci-fi thriller about a remote, mysterious woman in the Scottish Highlands who lures men into her van in a predatory fashion; resulting in a set of dark consequences. Never one to indulge in spoilers, I liked how the film lead us to some insightful discussion on science fiction and itís incorporation of sexuality. Amanda then regaled me with a story; from her none-too-distant past of a night with, frankly, an alien sex fiend. This man, we'll call him Michael, had a sci-fi fixation that took in everything from Star Trek to Phillip K Dick novels to, erÖ modern-day Star Trek remakes; that

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